Coming Soon ~ Hattie

I am really pleased to be able to announce the launch of pre-orders for an amazing new kit that will be coming into stock.  Hattie is the very first Cassie Peek vinyl kit.  Cassie has taken her reborning talent to the next level... sculpting and the result is Hattie.


Kit size: 19 inches approx
3/4 Limbs
Total Kit Price: £69.99



 You will receive; 1 head, 2 arms, 2 legs and a numbered certificate of authenticity. Unpainted and ready to reborn!

You also have the option to purchase Hatties detailed tummy plate. A cloth body to fit hattie is also available.

£20 Pre-order deposit is due per kit reserved. The Final Balance of £49.99 +shipping is due when Hattie is in Stock.

Hattie Kit total- £69.99


If you have also selected Body/Tummy plate these will be invoiced for when the kits come in stock.  You do not need to pay a deposit for these.

Tummy plate price- £12.99
Body Price- £6.99


Hattie is due in stock between December-January

If you have any questions that may effect your pre-order please contact me before purchasing.





Choose which option you would like for your Hattie Kit. You will be invoiced for the balance when delivery date has been confirmed so that your kit is delivered to you immediately upon receipt by  

Now just enjoy some photos of delightful Hattie!

Terms and Conditions
Total pre-order cost is £20, this preorder is a holding deposit, shipping costs of kits is in addition to the total kit price. Please note that this deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.  There are no refunds or exchanges permissable on this pre-order. If you cancel this order your deposit is forfeit. 

PLBD Boxes - How To

These fantastic boxes are just the perfect foil for presenting a beautiful piece of dolly or teddy art to the customer but they can be a little bit confusing to assemble. 

We've taken the time to do a step by step photo tutorial of how to assemble the boxes just in case anyone is struggling putting theirs together. Depending on how many boxes you have purchased you will receive a number of items.

But one PLBD box consists of 3 items:

A) A Brown outer box

B) A White inner box with an Oval Window

C) An Acetate Sheet with a white backing.

You will also need some sellotape or some glue for assembling your box,  We preferred sellotape as it doesn't make the cardboard soggy.


The first step is to open out your White Inner Box, lay it white side down. 

Then take your Acetate Sheet and peel off the white backing. You don't need the paper backing so you can discard it. 

Lay your Acetate Sheet over the oval hole in your box and using sellotape fix it to the box.

The prefolded lines in the box will make folding very easy, lift the left side of your box inwards. 

Fold in the top small lip as shown in the photo.

Repeat folding in of the lower lip on the left side of the box. 

Do the same for the right hand side of the box. 

You can put some sticky spots on the lips on the white side to help keep the lips in place as it can be an awkward operation holding it all in place.

Lift up the non window flap.

Fold the white non window flap inside the box completely. The two notches at the bottom should slip into the slits at the bottom of the box and hold the Flap in place, but you can also use a sticky spot or rolled up sellotape to hold it in place.

Turn the half finished box around so that the completed side is now facing you and the window flap is pointing away.

As with the lower part of the box, fold the side lips inwards.  

Lift the Window flap up against the lips, again if you struggle to keep the pieces in place you can always use a couple of stick spots or folded selotape to hold the flaps together. 

Slip the curved sides of the upper window flap inside your box and you are pretty much done assembling your box. 

Your box is ready now to decorate!

Shoe Insert Offer

A special offer for our Shoe Inserts. Usually £5 for a set of 10 pairs.

In this special offer buy three lots of inserts and get a 4th set for free, yes that's right, FREE.

That's a 25% discount.

Hit the Buy Button 


Fussy by Samantha Gregory

Kit in stock  ~ Fussy by Samantha Gregory

The kit consists of 5 pieces, a head and 4 piece set of limbs.  The kit will make a baby of approximately 23inches in length depending on the body used, but a 22inch 3/4 limb body is the minimum recommended size for this kit.

Samantha Gregory the sculptor of this kit is based in America, you can read more about her in her Colliii interview


Discovering Dolls & Crafts Issue 30

In stock now Issue 30 of Discovering Dolls & Crafts Magazine.

In this issue:

Featured Artist Articles 
  • Gregg Ortiz
  • Laura Lee Eagles
  • Lacey Michelle 
A magnificent full rooting tutorial by Melainne Kelly 
learn how to make a nappy cake under the tutelage of Julia of Lavendar Babies. 

Competition entries and much much more. 

Best Foot Forward

Back in stock today are really useful Baby Shoe Inserts. if you knit, crochet or sew baby shoes, socks or booties these little polypropelene inserts do a magnificent job of showing them off to their best advantage. 

We supply them in packs of 10 pairs.

These inserts fit newborn to 3 months booties and socks.

Give your handmade items that shape that really shows them off. 

  Perfect for photographing your work

 Send your handmade shoes with the inserts in for that little finishing flourish. 


What is Swedish Sewing/Tracing Paper?

Gloriarty is the UK and European distributor for Swedish Sewing Paper, also known as Swedish Tracing Paper

This product is an absolute must for dressmakers, quilters and toymakers. 

So what is it?

Swedish Sewing paper is a flexible non woven fabric, a lot like interfacing but without the sticky ironable fusing side. The benefit of Sewing Paper is that it is flexible, cuts easily but doesn't tear without significant effort.

What does it do?

Swedish Sewing Paper has a number of uses in a craft setting, you can use it for tracing patterns, making reusable versions of patterns, drafting patterns from scratch and even for making muslins (trial versions of items).

How do you use Swedish Sewing Paper?

One really useful use for Sewing Paper is the tracing of dressmakers patterns, the paper is transparent enough to be able to see your pattern through it clearly enough to be able to trace the lines.  As commercial patterns are so expensive making them resuable is financially a smart move.  

Using a pencil or a biro (felt tips are not recommended as they tend to spread) trace your pattern lines and markings onto your Sewing Paper. 

This will give you a copy of your pattern that you can reuse several times. 

What are the benefits over traditional tracing paper?

There are a number of benefits of Sewing Paper over Paper versions.  Sewing paper can be pinned many times where paper tears (usually after one use)!

You can also sew this paper, baste it by hand or using a long stitch on your sewing machine to make trial versions of your garment or toy to test out fit.  When you are happy, unpick your stitches and the stitch holes act as sew markings to enable you to make a perfectly fitting pattern, then use it to cut out your chosen fabric and make your garment for real. 

Swedish Sewing Paper rolls are 29inches wide and have 10 full yards on a roll. Plenty of scope for sewing uses.